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Get To Know Us

Charitable Giving

The Bicester baby bank is a new voluntary charitable association. It has grown from the love and dedication of families wanting to help other local families in Bicester, the surrounding areas, Oxfordshire and Banbury. 

Our organisation relies on kind donations of good, clean clothing and equipment for little ones up to the age of five. Volunteers use the donations to create bundles for families referred by Health Visitor's, community support workers, social services, schools and other agencies. 

Once they have been referred families receive a voucher to exchange for a bundle from Bicester baby bank. Recycling is an important element of the organisation so families who benefit from the service are encouraged to redonate items that they have used but no longer need so the organisation can re-distribute them. This allows local families to give back as well as receive donations. 

The Bicester Baby Bank can now reach out to families in the Oxford and Banbury areas as the public have been supportive and generous with donations. 

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