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December Wish List

Boys Winter Clothes 9-12 months             3-4 years  

                                12-18 months            4-5 years

Girls 0-3 months - warmer clothes

Winter coats - all ages

Wellies - all sizes

Baby food                               Brand new - bottles / dummies

Formula - any 

Double pushchair                  Muslins

School uniform - 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 years

School shoes - any sizes

Towels                                     Stair gates

Cot sheets                              Cots / Cot beds / bedding

Bed guard                               Changing bags

Bags for life - for us to give referrals out in

We are really fortunate at the Baby Bank to have such great support from the community, we are offered lots of great stuff on a daily basis but unfortunately its not always possible to accept everything.

This is sometimes down to safety reasons or having a good stock of that item it. We don't want to take in your donations just to sit in our stock as surplus when it could be used somewhere else.

With this in mind we are now going to operate a monthly "Wish List" of items we need. This will help us replenish stock we need and not fill up  our new storage with items that families may not need. We hate to say no to your donations but if the item is not on the list it cant come in!!

We are still not operating as normal as lots of our volunteers are still not able to come back to us, so donation drop-offs will now be on a Tuesday between 12-2pm, and Wednesday between 9.30-11am at our new storage at Cinch Self Storage, Arkwright Road, Bicester OX26 4XD.

Thank you as always for your continued support. 

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