Opening Tuesday 21st July

By appointment only

We are really fortunate at the Baby Bank to have such great support from the community, we are offered lots of great stuff on a daily basis but unfortunately its not always possible to accept everything.

This is sometimes down to safety reasons or having a good stock of that item it. We don't want to take in your donations just to sit in our stock as surplus when it could be used somewhere else.

With this in mind we are now going to operate a monthly "Wish List" of items we need. This will help us replenish stock we need and not fill up  our new storage with items that families may not need. We hate to say no to your donations but if the item is not on the list it cant come in!!

We are still not operating as normal as lots of our volunteers are still not able to come back to us, so donation drop-offs will now be on a Tuesday between 12-2pm at our new storage at Cinch Self Storage, Arkwright Road, Bicester OX26 4XD.

This will be by appointment only so we can adhere to the social distancing rules. Please do contact us via email, Facebook or through our online chat.

Please see picture for July's Wish List!

Thank you as always for your continued support. 

What's New With Us

Our First Newsletter: New Premises

Hello! And welcome to our first newsletter!

So, I didn’t think this first post would be during a world pandemic but there you go! I hope you are all keeping safe and alert during these scary, weird, and unprecedented times.

Since lockdown we have been incredibly busy. We have helped over 35 families with equipment, clothing but especially nappies, wipes, food and formula that families are either struggling to get due to being directly affected by the virus with losing jobs or with others stockpiling and not being able to get hold of certain items.

We have also helped the family that unfortunately had their flat driven into on the Bucknell Road and was then deemed unsafe and the family were not allowed back in. We were able to kit them out with everything they needed when going into hospital the following day! We all hope you and your little one are doing well and adjusting to your new lives.

We were also able to help a little boy who had sustained awful injuries through no fault of his own. He really needed a small trampoline, sensory toys and some sensory lights to enhance his everyday life. We had 4 incredibly kind and generous people step forward and give us money so we could purchase these for him. They were extremely grateful and I hear he’s loving his new toys!

We have also been able to help a family, who had just moved to the area, kit out their entire flat! They desperately needed a washing machine and a very kind person came forward and donated one. It always amazes me just how kind and fabulous the Bicester community is!!

We have been really lucky to receive grants from Tesco bags of help, Bicester town council and Bicester district council to help us pay towards our new premises and to help buy stock to replenish us i.e nappies, wipes, food, formula etc.

Without these fantastic grants our charity would really struggle with cash flow.

We have also had a great amount donated to us by Bicester and Oxford masons. They have been really helpful and are hoping to carry on helping us in the future. The wives are even knitting us blankets, hats and mittens! So a huge thank you to them for all their help.

We have had a very large grant from the National Lottery put on hold during the pandemic so these grants and anymore that we find will really help us out with payments for the new premises whilst that one is on hold.

The Period Poverty charity also gave us some formula and body wash and the Hygiene bank also gave us 2 huge pallets of nappies and wipes! Fantastic!

Our main news is that we have finally moved premises!! We are now at Cinch Self Storage which is on Arkwright Rd, just off the Churchill Rd. We still have the garages as an overflow and are always grateful to Sanctuary Housing for letting us have those, but being able to run from one place will make mine and the volunteers lives a lot less stressful!

I want tot say a huge thank you to Richard at Cinch for being incredibly patient and understanding with us over the past few months. He has done everything he possibly could to help us and I’m really grateful to him.

When we are back open for donations, full details will be given re days\times etc.

We had so much planned for this year, our quiz nights, market day stalls, the charity ball, a comedy night, blue token charity at Tesco, a Cherwell nomination award night for the best charity and lots more! COVID-19 has put a halt on these for the time being, but as soon as we can and its safe we will have them back up and running!

The last bit of news we have has to be this website! I’m so pleased that its finally up and running. I hope it gives you all the info you need regarding items we accept and don’t accept, times and opportunities with us.

I personally want to say a HUGE thank you to Amy Taylor for spending so much time with me to get it up and running. I really, really appreciate all the time and effort you spent on it.

Lastly, please do get in contact with us via Facebook, email, or on the web chat if you are experiencing any type of hardship during these strange times. Also, if we can help in any other way at all with mental health, domestic violence or just to lend a listening ear, please do get in contact.

Stay safe and take care


Chair Trustee

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